Is there "only one way" to health and well-being?

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Posted by Martin Spence on Mar 06, 2017

Over the last few months it's become apparent to me that many people are not engaged with their own and health and well-being. This is despite all efforts from the media, government, organisations or even the family.

Remember this campaign from the NHS? Millions was spent on promoting the message about what you should do to keep healthy and maintain a sense of well-being; to what end? These campaigns come and go with no obvious benefits and often deflect and act as a diversion from the real life events that we are all subject to. Surely as the sun rises each day so each of us as individuals are coping with life in our own unique ways. There isn't a single prescription for lifelong health!

My own experience suggests much better impact and results are achieved within your own communities and networks with a simple message that joins people together. The simple message could be "let's walk to the football match today", or "let's chill down the road, pick up your coat, see you in 5 mins". There need be no barriers or barb-wired fences blocking our natural social behaviour. We can all break away from our everyday habits with a little help from our friends!

This works across generations, backgrounds and gender, let us learn from each other and enjoy getting healthier. Fitness is a bi-product of an engaged life, don't be afraid to join in and above ALL learn to live a fuller life.

What's your culture?

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