You don't need a reason to be happy...

Well-being from the inside...

Posted by Martin Spence on Aug 02, 2017

Why is there this need to ring fence the cult of happiness and well-being? I have always felt happier and free of the modern constraints when outside in the wilds of the country. This picture makes me happy! What about you?

The original idea of this particular blog was to express some heartfelt feelings regarding one's health and wellbeing and the endless need to pigeon hole the subject, but I'm not sure this is still the case. Many things make me feel happy but it’s not something I continual strive for or even actively seek out, it’s a state of mind... Today I'm happy, tomorrow I'm angry, who knows! Many things trigger a sense of well-being and it often strikes in the most unexpected times. Many people these days just don't have time to engage with themselves because they feel pressured to follow social trends, bombarding them on a daily basis, and therefore find themselves judged by their peers, irrationally. I want this feeling to be a much more natural event in one’s everyday life, allowing things to happen in a surprising and unexpected manner. This I believe is the true source of happiness.

Many people are unable or unwilling to express their true feelings as a result of the manufactured culture of striving for a better life. Happiness is described by many "so called experts" as a state of contentment and satisfaction, ironically, only attained when all the boxes are ticked! What boxes do we need? Its beyond me that this is a one for all solution, people would be a lot happier if they had a good look at themselves rather than judge themselves against others.

OK, that’s maybe a bit harsh but these days all of us are under the cosh due to the very uncertain political situation and rather than get overwhelmed by this it would be much better we extract the good news from our world’s and take bitesize views of all the data/information presented to us and maybe I or you would feel a lot happier!

So, what’s good news? Being better informed, traditionally, is a recipe to grasp the big picture and allowing you to feel at ease with the world and makes sense of it all! Is that happy? It might be part of the equation but in the long run being able to cope with change and take a positive attitude to that change will bring about unexpected, unplanned results all contributing to a feeling of well-being and being happy with the world. By being flexible but no less committed to your own health and ambitions; responding to physical and mental challenges on a regular basis; the saying “a change is as a good as a rest” makes a lot more sense to me. What’s your take on this? I would love to hear your thoughts and surprise me with your experiences; and what makes you happy!

I’m off to create a little happiness and lead by example! Or maybe you can show me a different way, I hope I’m able to see the merits in both, a positive attitude and an ability to spot the good in the world!

The subject is as broad as it is long, I would just like to feel a little happiness in everybody’s life would bring about the opportunity to make the unexpected happen and life to take on a rosy hue in these turbulent times!

Your thoughts?