Dear Health

What does your "health " look like?

Posted by Martin Spence on Jul 06, 2017

Dear Health

What does your “health” look like, what picture emerges in your own mind that represents your current understanding of your health?

Here’s an open letter from your nearest and dearest relative….Yourself. This week I would like to explore the concept of health and how you think about it.

In my last blog we explored the relationship between obesity, lifestyle and how we create a “positive feedback loop”. Maybe this letter will touch a nerve or inspire you to take a long look at yourself and understand more about the meaning of health in your own life.

In my experience the more realistic and achievable the goal the more likely I will succeed; does this work for you? The long journey to your inner health and well-being starts with a single step. What’s your health telling you?

I find it helpful to consider different aspects of my daily routine and act on them, or can you, dear health, help? I’m thinking posture this week and how it impacts on my day. Stretching in the morning has been extended by 10 minutes over the last few months, can you feel the difference? What are your thoughts, are we feeling better?

Best wishes


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