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How does eating yourself into health sound?

Posted by Martin Spence on Nov 17, 2016

My eating habits are complex and come down to my mental state, this is not unusual, its normal. Why struggle to understand all the science and decipher the facts and figures when, I suggest, it's how you feel, there and then.

Dangerous tactics, I hear you say, but let me share you my weekly menu that I loosely follow, based upon experience and a resultant feeling of well-being over the years. It's not for everybody but a few pointers might well appeal when you consider your next shop! I feel happier and less stressed when I follow the regime and congratulate myself on feeling better as a result, Win Win! I feel able to concentrate better and remain focussed AND it feels natural.

Eating Menu Programme

Happy to share this... Have you some nutritious suggestions? I am always happy to experiment!

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