Terry Riley: In C

Revolutionary music in a revolving setting.

Posted by Martin Spence on Nov 22, 2018
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Revolutionary music in a revolving setting. Performed, back in October last year, the University's modernist Arts Tower and its rare paternoster lift formed the backdrop for Terry Riley's minimalist masterpiece, In C. Musicians from across the city were led by composer-collective Platform 4 in this extraordinary concert experience, performing from within the paternoster’s continuously moving compartments.

Terry Riley in the Arts Tower

1 thought on “Terry Riley: In C

Jill Langley commented 6 months ago
Fantastic! Absolutely loved it, wish I'd been there! Such a great idea, are there any plans to do another concert, though I imagine this one took a lot of organisation and co-ordination? Well done to everyone who took part and thanks for the film, so more us could share it. Jill

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